Hydrodynamics Scoresheet

Online demo

On your mark, get set, flow!

The new scoresheet is available! you can test it here: http://demo.fll-tools.com:1390/

DO NOT use the demo during events: everyone can manipulate the data and the environment will be reset every 30 minutes.



This season we’ll be back with many new features, for example:

  • A complete new installer that helps you to dive in immediatly
  • Modern styling and new features in the displaySystem
  • Many small features and stability improvements in the scoring application

Follow our progress on GitHub: https://github.com/FirstLegoLeague



Do  you like the scoresheet? Would you like it in your own language? Then help us translate!

Basically it’s a XML file with some English text that needs to be replaced with your interpertation. Contact your regional partner for more information on translations in general. Please keep us in the loop, perhaps someone else is already on it!