Tidal Wave!

Hydro Dynamics

On your mark, get set, flow!

Yes, the new season is here and it’s all about water. Take a look at http://firstlegoleague.org/ to learn more.

We are allready in the flow and you can expect a tidal wave of new code and features for the scoring solution. Stay tuned!


Smile and wave!

New volunteers joined the effort to produce a scoring solution that is easy to use and saves time during the tournament. Working on robots is very cool, but how about contributing to software that is used all over the world?

The coming months several code-parties have been planned. Here is a fresh picture from the team in Israel getting together, having fun and coding cool new stuff!

software development team in Israel

Idan, Alan, Tal, Itamar (and Yosi behind the camera) working on the software

Give them a wave on our Slack channel!
(want to join in? Start here: More about development)