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On this page you can find the FIRST LEGO League TMS software to manage scoring at your FIRST LEGO League tournament. This software is being developed by FIRST LEGO League volunteers.

If you need support, have suggestions or feedback please feel free to reach out to us. If you are interested in learning more about our setup, the software architecture and how it works, check out our development information.

User Guide and Updates

Read the user guide here. It is also available by clicking Help from within the software (internet connection required). Note that we are still working on updating this guide. You can also watch a recording of the Webinar that was held on Sep 28th, 2019. Ask your FIRST LEGO League partner for the username and password if you don’t have it. Alternatively, go to . This link takes you to a registration page , where you enter your name and email , and then the registration page opens the recording.

There are no major changes for v2020.1.0 besides the RePLAY scoresheet and graphics theme.


This installer bundles all the components, and installs and configures them for you. After you have downloaded the installer there is no further need for an internet connection.

There is an installer for 64-bit computers. Most PCs/Laptops today are 64-bit and require the installer that ends with X64.exe

The minimum system requirements for this software are:

  • A single computer (laptop or pc, i5 or higher recommended) running Windows 7 or above.
  • Google Chrome browser.
  • Optional – few more computers/laptops (any brand, all need Google Chrome browser) to split the work among several roles. These computers need to be connected via a network to the computer on which the software was installed.
  • You can setup and run the software without a internet connection (only needed for download, and for the user guide).

FIRST LEGO League TMS 2020.1.1.602