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On this page you can find the software developed by FIRST LEGO League volunteers. The software is composed of different modules or components that work together. There are three ways you can setup and use the software for your events. For first time users we highly recommend the full suite or hosted environment. See our feature page for more information for the current functions and features of the software and configuration options.

  • Bundled installer (Recommended for most users, works offline). The bundled installer combines the basic components you need to run your tournament without the need for a internet connection
  • Hosted environment (Recommended for most users, requires reliable internet connection). The hosted environment provides a ready to go setup of the software but you will need a reliable connection.
  • Individual components (Recommend for advanced users). If you would like more flexibility or only require one component, you can also download the individuals components and configure them yourself.

If you need any support, have suggestions or feedback please feel to reach out to us. If you are interested in learning more about our setup, the software architecture and how it works, check out our development information.

Bundled installer

We recommend this installer for first time users. This installer bundles the basic modules, and installs and configures them for you. After you have downloaded the installer there is no further need for an internet connection. This includes the scoring software, display system, and clock. The minimum system requirements for this software are:

  • A single computer (laptop or pc) running Windows 7 or above.
  • A modern browser (Google Chrome is recommended).
  • You can setup and run the software without a internet connection (only needed for download).

More information, user instructions, and support can be found here:

FLL Scoring System v1.3.8

Hosted environment

The hosted environment is a ‘cloud’ solution. You don’t need install or run the software yourself, but you will be provided with your own online environment and links to the modules configured for your event. However you will need a reliable internet connection on each device you want to use. The requirements for this software are:

More information, user instructions, and support can be found here:

You can request a online environment by filling in this form.

Individual Components

The software provided above actually consist of different components -or modules. If you prefer to download these individual components you can do so below. You can use this option if you either need only 1 specific component, for example the scoring module.

You can also download the individual components if you require a specialized (distributed) setup. These modules are also updated more frequently. Beware that if you use multiple separate components you need manually configure them to have them work together.


The scoring module

Preliminary AA release

Review release, includes linux binary



First binary release


Inform your visitors with this multi purpose output system.

First binary release


to be added soon