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Do you have a question or suggestion? Use this page to get in touch with us!

Please take a look at the User Guide and FAQ to check whether there is a quick answer to your problem. We log your ticket and it will be handled as fast as possible. You’ll will receive a confirmation e-mail for your request.

If you are reporting an issue please provide the following information:
1. A description of what went wrong.
2. A description of your hardware configuration i.e. how many computers you are using and what you are running on each of them, whether you are using a router for your network, and whether you use iPads for score entry.
3. Log files. These can be collected from the app About screen, by pressing the Save debug data/Save logs button.
4. How you entered team information. Did you import a schedule file or team list or did you enter teams manually. If you imported a file, please send that too.

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