Is it free?

Yes it is! Crazy right?

The project is open source, so you are always free to deploy and use the code. As for the hosted solution and support we might ask for a small fee in the future, but this is only to cover the hosting costs involved.

When developing something there are other costs involved, so if you like the project, please feel free to donate so we can continue to throw code-parties, BBQ’s and so on!

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This is great! When can I use it?

Thanks! Anyone can deploy our code from the github https://github.com/FirstLegoLeague/fllscoring.

If you are referring to our hosted solution, then you have to wait a bit. We prefer to mature the software at tournaments we all ready know. That way there are no troubles with mismatched expectations, information lost in translation or even timezones! We are volunteers after all. Next FLL season, we go for world domination!

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